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The goals of Dogz Are Us are to help you develop a positive relationship with your dog, to learn how to communicate so your dog understands you, and to have a well mannered dog that you can be confident with in any situation.  We want you to be happy and your dog to be happy.  

Positive training techniques will be used to achieve your goal of living a happy life with your dog.  We will use markers, cues, rewards, praise, and whatever technique is needed to help your dog experience success.

Training is available in your home.  Please go to the contact us page to send an email or call.  Looking forward to helping you with a lifetime of happiness.

All About Us

Debbie has been working with dogs since she was 12 years old.  She is now a bit older and is finally able to live her passion as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer.  She is a retired educator after 33 years working in Champaign-Urbana and in the Northwest Suburbs.


Meet Debbie's dogs, Cody is laying on the bed, Eli is in his circus class, and Sophie is laying in her bed.  Cody is a Mi-Ki, who earned his Canine Good Citizen title and took nosework classes.  Eli is a Maltese, who competed in agility and earned his MACH.  He also earned his Canine Good Citizen title and he was certified as a therapy dog.  He and Debbie worked as a therapy dog team for 7 years.  He has retired from agility and his therapy work to learn circus tricks.   He has earned his Trick Dog Champion Title and AKC Trick Dog Performer Title.  He has also earned his Stunt Dog Champion Title.  Sophie is a Maltese, who was born June 2021.  She earned her Novice Trick Dog Title before she was 4 months old.  She has also earned her Intermediate and Advanced Trick Dog Title. She is a joy that has been added to Debbie's home.  Debbie looks forward to many years of enjoying Sophie as she continues to learn.

Debbie's dogs bring so much joy to her life, and she hopes she can help you experience that same joy.  Debbie teaches how to work with your puppy, obedience, assisting with problem behaviors, how to feel comfortable in the environment, tricks, beginning agility, Canine Good Citizen Certification, stunt dog skills, Rally-FrEe, getting ready for a baby, and Therapy Dog Certification.  Puppies can begin at 10 weeks.  Debbie is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Certified Control Unleashed Instructor, CGC Evaluator, Certified Trick Dog Instructor, and Stunt Dog Judge.   No dog is too old to enjoy learning new things and spending time with you.

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